Recap – July 4th TdF COM

JulyComRecapThe July 4th COM (“Century of the Month More or Less”) to celebrate Independence Day and the start of the Tour de France, sponsored by the Arlington Bicycles, Inc. was a huge success! We hit record attendance levels of over 225 cyclists, and according to the sign-in sheets almost 150 of them were first time participants. Bicycles, Inc. has been hosting this monthly ride series for almost ten years now.

Great weather and the nice breeze out of the south kept things cooler for most of the morning. Lots of riders rode longer distances than they had before, achieving new personal records, so it was a stretch and a great accomplishment for them, but no major problems were reported.

We started getting everything set-up around 5:00 AM and the first riders started showing up by 6:00. (To be first in line for the crepes, perhaps?) Eddie had made 225 crepes the night before and by 7:15 (we didn’t start serving until a little before 7:00) we ran out of crepes. Bacon and eggs were next to go, followed by the fruit and whipped cream. We made a grocery run for croissants so there would be something to put the remaining Nutella in. Lunch was similar and we ran out of hot dogs and brats and had to make another grocery store run to serve those riders that were coming back in later in the afternoon.

GoPro was there demonstrating their products and getting some great pictures, check it out on Bicycles, Inc. Facebook, Lots of riders and we really appreciate the showing of support by the Steelwheelers. Generous donations were made to the MS 150.

– Rickey Wray Wilson

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